On the virtue of fiction.

So I’m back to work, the boss is off for two weeks, the jobs are piling up, my brain is whirring with all kinds of ideas, plans stresses, and I realise that I haven’t read any “Les Miserables” in the last two nights.

One of the wonderful side effects of being fairly immobile for the last couple of weeks was the amount of books I got to read.

It started with my looking for something light to keep me entertained in the hospital. Three “Hunger Games” books in 5 days later & I was on to something new. I read “With the Old Breed,” which is a frightening and awe inspiring account of war in the pacific. “Zeitoun” gave some fascinating insights into the life of a Muslim immigrant, and particularly the experience of post-hurricane New Orleans. Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions” (5 stars!) and Piper’s “Think” were a matter of finishing off things I’d started.

And here I find myself taking a shot at Victor Hugo’s masterpiece.

Have I stalled already?

I hope not. If I was convinced of one thing over the last month, it’s that good literature is like oxygen to the preacher. God’s word is always that thing that inspires, grows and challenges at the fundamental level, but to read fiction is to taste the undercurrents of popular thought, or to see how the great minds capture those experiences in life that are either common to all, or desired by all.

In the last month I’ve seen an account of men regressing to animals through war, a prediction of life in an apocalyptic context, satirical & real critiques of western culture, and a challenge to anti-intellectualism! It’s all been quite different, but it’s all been wonderful!

How could I stall now?

Quite easily if I’m not careful. Don’t forget to write & ask how I’m doing!


One thought on “On the virtue of fiction.

  1. Fabulous post on the power of reading, keep it up Tim! You won’t be able to read as much as you do in the ‘holidays’, but filling all those little moments, or big chunks of screen time, with a book will get you through.

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