Can you call it “Holidays?”


Last week the family & I went up to my parents house for a couple of days. So, having twins that need feeding regularly & are making it difficult means that you don’t ever really get to relax, still, the Hunter Valley is pretty good.

Mum & Dad deserve a medal for all the time & energy they expended, looking after Pumpkin & Gumnut, and everyone was rejuvenated by the opportunity to spend time out in the sun, walking around the property, visiting the “chookies,” and heading out for gelato!

Well, pictures are worth a thousand words, so this should be a post-grad essay length!

Gumnut just loves being outside. Unfortunately, dad forgot to pack his new Rugby ball to help continue indoctrination….

Pumpkin has turned a corner with mum & dad’s remaining dog “Sunny-bun,” so much so that the greatest cause of tears was Sunny’s running off to chase rabbits, rather than staying close to Pumpkin when we went for a walk.

The pic you want the most.
The twinnies are hard to take interesting pictures of in some regards, because they don’t really do anything!

“Chookies” are a real favourite, the marvellous eggs they lay are even better.

Mama off to feed the chookies with the kids.

Dinner time.

He’s a lovely little fella.

Story time with Bop was too good to pass up.

Gumnut loves the horse as much as his father did when he was a kid.

Gelatos for everyone!

Mama & Bop love their grandkids!


3 thoughts on “Can you call it “Holidays?”

  1. I love all the photos but that last one is so lovely! Pumpkin looks like she finds the Gruffalo a bit scary. I love the way the twins are still curled up!

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