Looking for normal

So we’re back home & we’re surviving.

We’re still settling out bit & pieces with the twins, but on the whole they are pretty good. They usually sleep between feeds, particularly at night, so we’re making the most of that! We’re still up a fair bit each night doing feeds & other stuff related to that.

I have wondered: “how do you find the new normal?” now that there are four kids in the house, not two? One thing that has been helpful to us is making sure that we go out somewhere each day, to remind ourselves, and to let the twins know that we have lives that exist outside of this new responsibility & concessions are things that are made by all parties in any good relationship.

On our first day home we started with a walk down to our favourite cafe.
Yesterday we walked down to a local French outdoor fair (we’d been warned that if you have twins you’ll be stopped regularly so people can stare & chat to you. Having a second pram behind it with another two younglings seems to get more comments, 5 seconds after we’ve passed….).
Today we made it down to Avoca and the kiddy park.

I’m sure we’ll have some sleepless nights ahead, which may challenge our little plan, but so far it’s been good.

A couple of pics for the eager…

Cupcakes at the French fair.

Pumpkin showing off her recently developed climbing skills.

Who doesn’t love a digger?

Obligatory twin shot, as “Picard” (I really need better names for the twins) helps me out a little with his feeding…


3 thoughts on “Looking for normal

  1. Oh no, I feel if there is a photo of one twin there should be a photo of the other. Is this going to be another dilemma you are going to face? i.e. Old Aunties like me making observations like that when she should just be happy with any photo. Also how do I secretly know which little boy it actually is??? I don’t know their nick names. The bottle looks almost as big as him. Loved the photos of the two elder siblings with their mum in the park.

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