In search of excellence

I have some other blogs lined up in my head. They’ve all been sitting there for weeks & I just don’t seem to get around to them.

To kick off, I wanted to share a trailer that I’ve watched recently & am pretty excited to see (if it ever comes to Australia).

Why do I want to watch a guy make Sushi?

A year or two ago, I taped “Kings of Pastry” on my DVR &, surprising myself, watched it at least half a dozen times since!

I think I love the passion that I see in these people. To be so committed to something that others may consider trivial. To want to take your “art” (whether or not it’s publicly recognised as “art”) and commit yourself to honing it to the rest of your life. How can that passion be anything less than riveting?

This is the kind of passion that I want to have. I believe that the good news of Jesus Christ’s death & resurrection is such good news, that to know it & respond to it is the single most powerful & transformative thing someone can do! Still, I know a lot of people think that my passion is trivial. Maybe I need to learn a lesson or two about passion from this guy….


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