Still here….

(Pumpkin, Gumnut & I at the Three Sisters.)

It’s just been a hectic couple of weeks.

First day on the job, Jan 1 went well. I then had a public holiday on the Monday, a day of packing, then the big move to Kincumber!

We’re in the house!

Of course, I only enjoyed that for a day or two, before we packed up & headed up to CMS Summer School.
It was a great week, great talks, an awesome time to hear lots of missionaries speak & catch up with friends. I also got to spend time sharing a house with my friends Dan & Harriet.

From then it’s been work, work, work!

But I am LOVING work.

And I am close enough to the beach to drive down with the kids & have a splash before dinner…

It’s like a 10 minute holiday whenever we go.

A couple more pics for the family…

There were a couple of swings behind our house in Blackheath.

Genuine Smile

Other kids want to play with trains, or boxes, my boy likes sinks & taps…

BM Stitch
A stitched pic of the Three Sisters & Blue Mountains…


2 thoughts on “Still here….

  1. I’m glad the move is all over and you can just settle in now. I love that Hamish’s plaything of choice is so easy to find – sinks and taps are everywhere 🙂

  2. Glad things are going well brother.

    Melanie wants more of that chocolate that you gave her prior to the EFAC address.

    Thankyou Tim.

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