Downhill Run! (And some Photos…)

So there’s only two days to go before I finish up at Wyoming Anglican!

On one side, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Everything becomes “the last time I’ll get to XXXXX”.

I taught my last school scripture lessons, did my last Christmas assembly talks, I’ve had my last men’s & family Bible studies, my last BBQ at the Caravan park, and tomorrow I have my last morning prayer, before Friday’s last home communion visits & finally my last youth group.

I’ve also had to think about things as I read books sent to me by my new boss (which I love. proactive is awesome in my book!) I’ve been chatting about rosters, going to occasional meetings & downloading gigabytes of stuff about where my new parish has been going & what they have been doing.

Yet at the same time, I think it will still catch me a little by surprise.

Are you ever really ready for when you move house & all those things that are your “everyday” become memories?

Are you ever really ready for the workplace which sees more of your face time than just about anything gets swapped for something unfamiliar?

I’m thankful that I am going to a parish that I am STOKED be be involved with. I’m so blessed that I’m being sent off by a parish that loves me & has cared for me very well.

But I’ll be even happier when it’s all done.

Bring on February, when the novel can start to feel normal…

Meanwhile, I know most of my readers are family & most of you are just reading in the hope of some pictures of the kids, so here they are…








Enough to keep the hounds at bay?


6 thoughts on “Downhill Run! (And some Photos…)

  1. Only just enough Tim! Though of course, I will be seeing (and cuddling) in person before too long! Hope your last days are good.

  2. I count myself family. Thanks for the photo’s.

    I still don’t get the Anglican parish movement thing. But thanks for your reflections on moving. And good luck in the new year.

    Maybe I’ll give you a call one day when I’m sitting on the Hobart waterfront looking out over the water and sipping on something cold.

  3. Can’t wait for more cuddles with the kidlets. Moving can be a chore but I generally find it exciting… I like change.

  4. Very pleasing to visit and find such delightful pictures of your babies.

    I bet Christmas will be so much fun this year with both of them!!!

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