Three steps

Step 1
Note that a number of people at church have embraced the “sticker family.” Personally, the chances of me sticking the family stickers on my car are slightly lower than that of me being a late adopter of the hibiscus craze! It’s a little odd to me, & it makes me a little sad when you see ones like the wife with a husband crossed out, or the family with some other poor sod tacked on later.

Step 2
Think about Icthus (Christian fish) stickers. I’m not too crash hot on them either. As far as I can work out, people aren’t too likely to think “My my, that guy is driving well… hey is that a fish sticker I spy? I wonder if I would drive better if I were saved?” However, it is quite likely that they will think “Man that dude cut me off/is speeding/ drives like a maniac… oh, and he has a fish sticker… what a hypocrite.

Step 3
The caveat. At least in each of these cases, these people are proud about who they are and what they value. They want to wear it on their sleeves (and their car). Shouldn’t we all be transparent when it comes to sharing & displaying our core values? Shouldn’t we want to display those things we love for all to see?

What would you want to stick a sticker of on your car if this were the case?


3 thoughts on “Three steps

  1. Many, many years ago, after a Katoomba convention, Janice and I put fish stickers on our cars in the hope that they would keep us from speeding. I think they did the trick. Now? I think it’s better to show who you are by how you act and treat people.

  2. The best ‘sticker family’ car I’ve seen was a solitary female surrounded by 8 cats… Crazy cat lady I assume. I’ve never been a sticker man myself

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