I’ve been reading & loving the blog “Communicate Jesus.

Steve has posted a fair chunk of stuff on bits & pieces of Christian media. It makes me wonder if I use media enough at our church? Truth be told, I don’t know if our church could get both a powerpoint & sound happening at the same time at the moment.

Should churches be embarrassed by the fact that we can’t engage in this medium?

Is it a sign that we’re falling behind the times & failing to engage in the language of our generation?

Or are we right to say that we’re really more about “authentic connection” and person-to-person contact, not “plastic” videos that are produced my some third party & then sold to everyone?

I’m torn. There is a part of me that wonders how much these vids really connect & challenge people, but there is another big part of me that thinks I’ve just been too cheap to shell out $10 for something that’s going to grab & challenge people.

This video is a great example. I DARE you to watch it! I think I might buy it…

Life with God from on Vimeo.


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