Nearly gone

I’m sitting at the kitchen table at my sister’s house in Wagga Wagga. There are half a dozen little kids rustling about me. Holidays haven’t proven to be a relaxing time, but they certainly have been fun.

Dinners with my bro & his fam in Melbourne, trips to the zoo and my fave strip of shops on Maling Rd. (Big shout out to Xocolatl chocolates… you compete with Adora as my faves) WAYYYY to much time spent driving in a car, and now a couple of days chilling out with my sister, her fam & my parents.

Talk is of food, games are of trivia, laughs are plentiful.

Apart from a fat lip when Pumpkin tripped forward on a basketball court this afternoon, we’ve even come through injury free.

All we have left is the Wagga Markets tomorrow morning, a long drive in the afternoon, followed by RUGBY in the evening! WOOT!

Going back to work is going to feel like a holiday by comparison!

Photos to come!


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