All the latest

I don’t take as many photos of my kids as I should.

I certainly don’t take that many formal photos, but that is largely because it takes time to set it up & it is hard to wrangle them.

This afternoon I was taking some shots for Tim & Dee of their latest addition (I’ll leave them to share their own photos), and in between shooting their three kids we gave Gumnut a bit of a try. I have to say it is MUCH easier to shoot an energetic young bloke when you have a wife & two friends to hold up extra black cloth, keep Gumnut smiling & make sure he doesn’t divebomb off the couch!

Anyway, if this doesn’t keep my Sister, Sister in Law & Aunty Maurny happy, I don’t know what will!

Yeah... cool
If it weren’t too late, I would enter this into a “Bonds Baby” comp…

Just playing around with Angles

Chances are he just heard someone mention food…

Hey Uncle Tim
Gumnut things Uncle Tim (holding up the black sheet that he’s sitting on) is very entertaining!

Happy Gumnut
One of my favourites. I know I am truly blessed to have such a lovely young son.


6 thoughts on “All the latest

    1. The header thing is randomised. I have 11 photos that I’ve put into it, so I guess you have a 1 in 11 chance of getting it!

  1. Timbo, Timbo
    You and Gumnut have made my day!!! My heart is singing all the way…. just what I needed . … pure bliss. When you wrote “Just playing with angles” I first thought it was,” playing with Angels” … and I was thinking.. you sure are!!


    Aunty Maurny
    Wish I could cuddle him.

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