The Game they play in Heaven

The Rugby World Cup is here baby!

6 weeks of nations from around the world coming together to play the best game on earth.
With New Zealand in the same pool as France this time, they’ll have to find another team to choke against in a Quarter of Semi Final, before Australia rises to ascendency.

On a more serious note, I’d love for Australia to win, but I suspect it could be the Kiwi’s opportunity to take the crown they’ve deserved for years. He may cause me a lot of sadness, but Richie McCaw has been such an influential captain that it would be a shame for him to finish up with the All Blacks having never won a World Cup. Meanwhile, I am sure that we have a lot of great rugby to watch between now & then.

I’m excited, because we had a TV Antena attached to the top of our church. If you have a building that has a big screen & projector, decent speakers & a BBQ, why wouldn’t you invite families to come along & watch, so they don’t have to either crowd into a room at home (admitting that the prevalance of 50″ TVs at home these days means that there are probably bigger better screens in most houses than at our church), or shuffle past a bank of pokies at the local RSL.

I hope it can be a great chance for some fellowhip, an opportunity for people to invite a non-christian friend along to find that churches aren’t too scary a place, and maybe a chance to hear some Testimonies from famous sportspeople too (Just gotta find that DVD…. I think it was from the Olympics).

Actually, having just done 30 seconds of research, William Webb Ellis, the alleged father of Rugby was an Anglican Clergyman, so really, is there any better place to watch Rugby?

No matter how you play it. Spending time watching the game you love, surrounded by people you love can’t be a bad thing!

Comment if you’re on the Central Coast & you’d like to come along.

Post Script: For all you poor people who didn’t learn from William Webb Ellis’ brilliant idea in 1823, don’t worry, the round ball will get its fair share of attention in 2014.


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