Heading South

I’m looking forward to tomorrow with equal parts anticipation & trepidation.

When I was at college I shot a fair few weddings. My popularity was based on the heady combination of two factors.
1) I owned enough equipment that I looked like I knew what I was doing.
2) I was so embarassed about being paid in any way for my photography, that I was cheaper than a professional by thousands!

That’s like a 1-2 knockout-combo for your average Bible College student.

I still shot the occasional wedding or two when I finished college, but, certainly since I have been ordained, and definately since I have had kids, the time required for a wedding has really disappeared (many don’t appreciate that it’s meeting with people beforehand, it’s a whole day’s work on the day, then I might have to individually colour correct 1000+ photos afterward!).

But when Megan B asked, I couldn’t help but be sucked back into the time vortex! We went to college together for all three years, there will be a bunch of college people at the wedding, and for a few short hours, i will feel like I am back at SMBC. How I loved those days!

Of course, the nervous bit will be that I have only shot 2 weddings in the last 3 years, Megan is one of those artistic types, so I’ll feel the extra pressure, plus it’s down in the Southern Highlands.

Bonus points for the natural beauty, combining with the natural beauty of bride, making my job easier.

Negative points for adding 3 hours travel each way.

So, I’ll make sure to post some pictures & stuff when I get back.


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