And Back

You’d think I would have taken lots of pictures at CMS Summer School.

You’d be wrong…

A large part of the problem was the rain. I’m not complaining about the rain though. From Sunday till Friday I was transported from the coastal 28 degrees (83 fahrenheit) to an idyllic 18 (65). Mist shrouded mornings… come to think of it, mist shrouded middays, afternoons and evenings too!

I ought to be upfront and say that the absolute highlight was the talks. Hugh Palmer, minister at All Souls, London (where the theological great John Stott once ministered) spoke to us from 1 Corinthians. He’s very English, which means he is not as dynamic or thrilling as some American preachers, but it also meant he had a sense of self-deprecation, and a cutting sense of honesty. Missionary sessions are always great too. Amazing to hear of the work happening throughout the globe, to triumph in the victories, and to feel a sense of the pain and frustration that comes with service that is faithful, but not always fruitful.

So they were the important highlights.

That said, the week also had some other high points.

“Schwartz’s Bakery”, less than a kilometer from our house, provided fresh pretzels and pastries for breakfast, “Mountain High Pies” provided variations of the Aussie icon for lunch, and some home cooking & the occasional local restaurant looked after dinner. Food always seems to squeeze it’s way into my highlight reel.

So here I am again. Ready to jump back into work, and looking forward to a couple of weeks of planning before the realities of term time arrive!

Bring it on.


One thought on “And Back

  1. Sounds like it was a great week. Wish we could have stayed for more than a day. Surely you got a stylish photo of the ceiling-spout bath water cascading gracefully into the porcelain chasm?

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