What's doing?

Reading: Dostoyevsky’s “The Gambler” and so far enjoying it quite a bit. I think I’ll finish it a lot faster than I did “The Brothers Karamazov.” I’m also reading Tim Keller’s “Counterfeit Gods” which is enjoyable too. I think he is a very easy to read author, and also a good reader of contemporary culture.

Listening: I’m back on a bit of a “Supertones” kick at the moment. Thoughtful lyrics, and rocking tunes! What is is that makes music for you? I’d back good lyrics as the valuable asset every time, but there is a tipping point where the melody is so bad, that not even the best of lyrics can save a song. I’ll have to see if I can find any great examples.

Preaching: On 1 Timothy 2:1-7. There are 4 “everybody” statements in the passage, focussing on:
1:Our prayers for everybody.
2:God’s interest in everybody.
3: Christ’s ransom for everybody.
4: Paul’s mission to everybody.
Maybe I’ll post some notes on it later.

Preparing: For my cousin’t wedding that I’ll officiate over Saturday-week. Very exciting. Looking forward to the chance to see lots of family, to be a part of such an exciting event, and to preach Christ crucified!

Anticipating: a Powderfinger concert on Saturday evening. First proper concert I’ve been to in years! Sad to see them retire…

Wary about: How I’ll feel preaching on Sunday morning, having gotten home at about 1am… This is why “Mother” is my friend…


4 thoughts on “What's doing?

  1. G’day mate. Are you going to record your sermon & if you do how can I listen to it?
    Also it’s interesting how Mother is your friend at 1am in the morning, when usually its Mother who is shaking her head saying, “What are you thinking!”

  2. Hey, Tim. Finally followed through on my promise to read your bog. How was the Powderfinger concert? Thanks to you for introducing me to their music almost a decade ago! I still listen to them.

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