what it's all about


I went & photographed Shannyn & the Gheevatron’s wedding on Saturday (Geeve doesn’t even have an “H” in it, but it “Gheevatron” just looks better). It was my first wedding in a while, I was solo & I really felt the pressure.

I wont post any more pictures, cause I feel like they should look at them first. This is usually my fave of any wedding anyway. All the dresses, suits, cars, bomboniere, flittering people and impressive speeches melt away next to a simple gesture as two people join together and become one. Everything else is a bit foreign on the day. We’ve all seen weddings but (hopefully) this is the first time we’re in one. Yet in all that is so different, what a lovely thing to see two hands together & feel a sense of familiarity that transcends it all!

Well there you go.


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