I made this fella and a bunch of his mates because I was struggling without any sweetness in my life. You see, I gave up chocolate for lent. Usually I don’t go a day without chocolate, so this new endeavour (now just a day shy of being a MONTH!) has kicked me for a bit of a loop!
There has been a part of me that felt like I was cheating by having Gingerbread men. After all, if I were at an addicts meeting, they’d probably just tell me that I was swapping one addiction for another. There has been an even bigger part of me, however, that felt that this was a silly exercise all together. That “Capital “R” Reformed” part of me that says that occasions like lent are purely for Catholics & I ought not be involved in an activity that appears to promote the role of works in my salvation!

I’d say now that I need to repent for that mindset.

I was chatting to my boss when I first thought about the whole exercise & she challenged me to look at things again…

Are there things that are in my life that actually create some kind of barrier between me & God? Are there things that I have a greater sense of loyalty to than God? I have to say that I was probably more consistent over the passage of a year eating chocolate than I am reading my Bible! The boss challenged me that maybe lent isn’t a time for “Showing God that I can suffer too,” but rather, a chance to try & break down some of those barriers.

Is there time eating chocolate (or fast food, the other one to go) that might be spent in prayer or contemplation? Or maybe can I just gain some balance in my life again. Remember what things in my life are the rare pleasures & what aspects are really supposed to be part of my every day?

So my little ginger friend gets to stay. He reminds me that I’m not chasing after a physical proof of some kind of extra-human commitment… and he certainly helps cure the craving!


One thought on “Gingerbread

  1. Thanks for those thoughts Tim.
    I must say that the whole “fasting” thing is not clear in my mind.
    I guess my default position is that making Jesus more glorious in my heart/mind/imagination is the best way to defeat idolatry.
    But then again, the way to make him more glorious will involve an aspect of “cold turkey” and prayer and Bible reading. Which is what you are saying too.
    Thanks mate.

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