So, it’s a big day when your first child spends their first day at daycare. It’s not that we haven’t been away from “the Pumpkin.” It’s just that when one of us has been away, the other has been there to report, or at worst one of our mums has been there!

Is your kid the bully? (She towers over other kids her age.. so it’s a legitimate fear.)

Will she just scream for 8 or so hours? (She DEFINiTELY has a good set of lungs!)

All of our fears came to nought. She forgot us before we had even left & then she played happily with other kids, charmed all of the workers & slept…. like a baby!

That has meant that I have been able to let go of that concern & worry about other things.

Fun things to worry about… like when my package of American foods will arrive?

Foreign delicacy!?

The moral to the story is “don’t get into late night conversations with your sister on Skype, or you’re likely to buy almost anything!”
I got some cinnamon chocolate chips for her, while I got some liquid smoke ([to go in “Not Quite Nigella’s ‘Bacon Jam'”](, but I also had to make up a minimum purchase price, so a bottle of Habanero chili sauce, and a Dr. Pepper flavoured Lip Smacker had to be included too!

The sauce… yeah, it’s hot. And the lip balm tastes great! As for the Bacon Jam, that is coming soon (and don’t worry Al, you’ll get some sent to you… even if I don’t recieve a CD of sermons… 😉 )

So there you go. It’s been a fun time for sending children out & getting packages in! I have received one or two other things, but they will get their own posts later! Meanwhile, here are a couple more pics…

Pumpkin & Mumkin

Shona did a good job of hiding the fear in her eyes!

Lip Smackin' goodness

This is what it’s all about!


One thought on “Readiness

  1. Oh, that brings a tear to my eye! “Pumpkin” that is, though I am looking forward to the cinnamon choc chips 🙂 I LOVE Shona’s hair and I can’t wait to read about the bacon jam!

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