Haitian travel

I happen to get facebook updates of certain high-profile American preachers.

One preacher in particular is currently in Haiti. He’s reporting on what he is doing there & on the devastation and needs that he sees during his time.

It’s been interesting to see his perspective, but I have to ask the question (who knows, maybe unfairly?) “Why did he go there in the first place?”

I wonder which option would have been for the greater good for people, to go himself, or to give up his spot for an extra doctor or aid worker?

Of course, there are two sides to the scenario.

On one side, by virtue of the fact that thousands of people follow him on facebook & millions of people listen to his online sermons, maybe he is opening up a whole new opportunity for people to be informed, for people to be inspired & for people to make donations that will help the haitian people.

On the other side, he could have reported all of this from home, while people who were more skilled in the area of disaster relief were able to make a physical difference in the lives of people that are suffering? COuld he not have had greater ability to mobilise people from home?

Is it a sense of vain glory that says that he, personally, need to be there to make a difference?

Or am I being too harsh? Maybe this man has identified a greater need, and that is for people who are suffering tremendously to know the God who promises that those people who trust in Him have the sure hope of a future that has no weeping, loss or death?

What do you think? Should high profile people go to disaster areas, or send more “useful” people?


3 thoughts on “Haitian travel

  1. I think it would be better for him to work from home, raise awareness and all the other things the Haitians need and send them to Haiti with people who are trained and experienced in helping in this type of situation. I do appreciate the fact that it might help us outside to see what is going on there and maybe he brings a different perspective than the news, but an aid worker could do the same thing and be helping too.
    I think Truman Capote’s House of Flowers was set in Haiti, but I could be wrong.

  2. yes, i thought the same thing… but on further thought, i think there is a lot of good out of it
    this is his explanation… they took a lot of stuff – seems useful.
    i think the value of having a key person experience these sorts of events is probably undervalued… i think that’s the reason pple like the head of the UN and obama have also visited… they were probably less useful on the ground (needing additional security/entourage etc).
    And who knows who the pastor in question spoke to, prayed for, healed, gave hope to?

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