Dont fear

Don’t fear people.

I am committed to blogging regularly this year, but since I am at CMS Summer School over the next week, I don’t anticipate having internet access there. I’ll work on something special for you all!

Write me a comment while I’m gone, so I feel loved when I get back!


3 thoughts on “Dont fear

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time at Summer School. I told someone who was also going to watch out for you only I can’t remember who it was! I’m looking forward to more posts when you get back.

  2. Tim!
    Hey man, I read your blog regularly. I have it emailed to me, so I don’t usually come here. But, when I read that you think only 3 people read it – I wanted to give you a shout out. I keep up with your blog and appreciate your thoughts. Here’s to blogging in 2010!

  3. Hey Tim,
    glad to see your back…..looking forward to some great pics & interesting musings…….
    Happy New Year!

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