Stripping back


It’s about reclaiming those simple pleasures.

I recognise that sometimes I let my life get overcomplicated. Newer, brighter, faster, these become synonymous with “better.”
But now I want to strip things back a little. I want to find more of the joy that is currently lounging in the house looking to have a chat.
Mowing the lawn. A job that needs to be done, a chance to work up a sweat, an excuse to “earn” a beer, an opportunity to see the yard redeemed.

Reading classic books: It was Melbourne. We were in a cafe, in a laneway, I had blood orange drink & the rain was gently drumming on the awning above. It was a moment that was tailored for reading a good book. But is that the only kind of moment? No!
My life is pretty busy. In fact, most ministers lives are busy, but your soul needs time to breathe. Sometimes that breath is taken in a passage of scripture that elevates you. Sometimes it is in appreciating the talents given to someone, who has crafted words in such a way as to lift to out of suburban NSW & transport you to late 80s UK, or where ever! It doesn’t have to be Tolstoy, but it is so much more worth it when it’s not trash…

Enjoying A LITTLE of things that are good: I said at a recent beer tasting night that beer makes a good friend but a horrible master. At its best it is the punctuation to the sentence of life, at worst, it is just a full-stop.

I want to reclaim those things that are good in moderation. I want to be excited when I sink my teeth into a piece of quality chocolate, or when I sip that aforementioned beer, having mown the lawn & weeded our herb garden.

It’s quality versus quantity.

It’s savouring versus gulping.

It, like life in general will be a work in progress.

Maybe it will be a reason to share my thoughts as I proceed?

But, come on now, you know me…. don’t hold your breath.



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