Daddy Daughter time
So far in my “holiday” I have achieved a great deal less than I would have liked!
OK, so this might be the point in time where a thousand people smirk to themselves and mutter under their breaths “Duh! you just had a kid. Welcome to the real world.”
OK, OK, so I knew that having my own kid was going to take more time than I could imagine, but it is still amazing to think that days turn into weeks & I still haven’t done much of note.
That said, the last couple of days have been industrious in their own ways. I managed to whipper-snip the whole back lawn yesterday, as well as cooking a big fryup for Rog. Just to top off the business, I snuck off to Erina in the afternoon (thanks to my long-suffering wife) so I could watch “Wolverine” at the movies. I really loved it, but can’t guarantee that others will, unless you enjoy the Marvel Universe in general.
So there we go. I haven’t finished any books. I haven’t written any either. Heck, I haven’t even taken that many photos. For that one, I blame the unseasonably cold weather. I’m committed to capturing some cute pics of the little one, but as soon as she isn’t anything but completely rugged up, the lungs start to get a workout. Here’s hoping tomorrow is milder.
Meanwhile, here is what I wished Pumpkin looked like a little more often during the evening hours…
Blessed sleep


3 thoughts on “Chillaxing

  1. Oh Tim and Shona, she is just simply beautiful!!
    Wish I could give her a cuddle so can you give her one especially from this old Aunty for me??
    love to all

  2. Roger keeps raving about the brekky you cooked him! The photo of Annika is just beautiful! She does look so peaceful….

  3. Here’s a suggestion from a midwife…. if she’s unsettled at night, give her a relaxation bath at night, followed by a nice massage. It should knock her out!
    Great photos!!

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