Let the photo frenzy begin!!!

I apologise, I doubt I will be waxing lyrical for the next couple of days. I spend the whole day at the hospital (about an hour away) and only drive home to upload photos, and go to bed.
At least, however, I bring you something to look at. Check out the latest…. Oh how you will wish I never had a child, when this blog becomes saturated with Annika shots!
Proud as Punch
We, of course, are as proud as punch. Oh, and Shona scrubs up OK for someone who had a kid only one day ago!
Mama & Bop were pretty happy with the bub too.
Here she is, mustering up all the energy she can…
And at one day old we have a motor milestone! She gets her head in the air all by herself!
Well there you go….
Dad still proud, kid still cute & mum still doing well!


5 thoughts on “Let the photo frenzy begin!!!

  1. My niece is a genius! Bethany is very pleased to see her when she isn’t crying and we are thrilled that there is to be a glut of photos, it won’t be enough for us. She is beyond beautiful.

  2. She sure is cute, I can confirm the rumours (and you know I would tell you if she wasnt attractive Tim!).
    Welcome Annika! You are adorable.

  3. Congratulations to you both! Annika is such a beautiful little girl – what a blessing. Love and Kisses from the “Other” Drolls. Ben, Naomi, Bethany, Ella and Mia xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Congratulations Tim & Shona. A real cutie. A pretty name for a pretty girl. Love Tim & Christy

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