You shouldn’t be..
Well maybe you should. It has been over a month.
But you know I’m not like that usually right? I just need to get myself out of this blogging funk. I read other peoples blogs & I think about things to write all the time, so all I need to do is do it!
In the mean time, what a crazy ride it’s been.
Did you know that Shona is pregnant? Yeah, I know, crazy huh!!
Also, I am getting ordained next year. “Lucky they didn’t speak to me first” I hear you say! Well, I guess I am lucky aren’t I!
Anyway, maybe I will pull my finger out & write something properly in the next couple of days. In the mean time, you know I am always good for “Old Faithful,” the pictures….
This is… we’ll call her “A”, the brand spanking new daughter of Dave & Sim. She’s a gorgeous little one. We’ll have our own (maybe not a girl though) on or around April 10th!
This is what a cheeky little girl looks after 4 years. Who doesn’t love Bethy? What an awesome niece!
And here we have the male version of awesome. Tobliebobs is a funny kid!


5 thoughts on “Surprised?

  1. ‘A’ doesn’t look too impressed with your tickling efforts Tim.
    Congrats to you both on your exciting newses.
    Just got to think of something that rhymes with goldsmith…
    Could be tricky

  2. Congratulations Shona and Tim, thinking of a good name would be AU. Good to see some activity on this blog.

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