Unexpected benefits

So.... it's the harbour
It appears that one of the unexpected benefits of living up on the Central Coast is that going into Sydney City itself becomes exponentially more exciting. As you roll over the Harbour Bridge in the train, looking out at the Opera House & the city splayed behind it, it’s just breathtaking.
So the other week, Shona & I got to head into the city for dinner; a gift from a bunch of her Brisbane friends. We’d chosen to use this universal voucher at the Hotel Intercontinental, going to the “Cafe Opera” restaurant.
Now, even I am ready to admit that when I think of class & sophistication, the word “buffet” rarely appears in the list of words floating through my mind. However, “Cafe Opera” is a totally different story. Amazing Sushi & Sashimi, awe inspiring salads, lovely bread, seafood, and the desserts were so beautiful I didn’t know whether or not to eat them or photograph them! (Amy, you would have liked the Creme Brulee that was the size of a large salad bowl…)
So we ate, we chatted, we ate, we laughed, we ate & then we ate some more just in case. It was a magical night, just to be in the city, around the buildings, watching people bustle by & feeling like we were in a different world to our daily experience at home.
I think I need to visit more often. Maybe a chance to really get stuck into some photo taking again?
Anyway, here are a couple of photos from the occasion. (Out of respect for my wife & the fine institution of going on a “date” I refrained from food photography in the restaurant…)
Intercontinental, Sydney
The foyer of the Intercontinental
Waiting 4 Train
Shona, waiting for the train on the way home.


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