No sudden movements

Let’s say that I am a little on struggle street at the moment. The last 10 hours have involved a good deal of eating. Actually, the last 3 days have been pretty good for that.
Amy should post all about the amazing dinner on thursday night (all I have to say about it is that I got to eat Haggis, a Scottish dessert called Cranachan, Pork Belly & a fantastic singlemalt Whisky from Glenkinchie), so I thought I would tell you about today. Actually, I remembered to bring along my Camera (unlike on thursday night) so I can SHOW you about today.
Here goes…
When Shona & I arrived at 9am (planned, so that we could a) catch up with Amy & b) score some free breakfast) we could think of no better picture to arrive to than two of my lovely nieces sitting down to breakfast. They are as cute as buttons & lots of fun!!
Little Angel
Cutie #1 (in no specific order)
Cutie #2. (aided by the static electricity of two balloons!)
Of course, hanging out at breakfast was only the beginning. After helping Amy book her accommodation for her may trip to Edinburgh (yay for her!) She & Bethy headed home & the rest of us headed into a great place called “Tatler” for some fantastic tapas, a dash of wine & some celebration for mum making the big “Six Ohhh”.
(The following food photography section is dedicated to Amy, whose food pictures inspired me, and Tricia & Jessica, who in turn inspired Amy! This has to be worth a comment from each of you?)
The Menu
A fantastic menu & a nice Rose was a good way to start.
We can’t do anything before remembering the person whom we are celebrating.
Salted Squid
The squid is a family favourite (so were the garlic prawns that I forgot to photo)
Field Mushrooms with Fetta
Kristin picked the field mushrooms & they were a hit!
Lamb Souvlaki
Is Lamb Souvlaki ever a bad thing?
After our “Mains” Kristin, Charlotte & I went outside to feed the ducks. They were pretty from a distance, but gosh they were ugly to look at close up!
Ugly ducks
Ugly Ducks
The highlight of the day, however, had to be the desserts. I had a chance to have a shot at all of them!
Bavarian chocolate pudding & vanilla bean icecream
Bavarian chocolate pudding with vanilla bean icecream.
Almond Semi-freddo with biscotti
Almond semifreddo with raspberry coulis & biscotti
Chocolate Cookie Sandwich
Chocolate cookie sandwich with vanilla bean icecream filling.
Having gorged ourselves for a couple of hours, P&K headed back to stay at Mum & Dad’s house, while Shona & I headed home, because of church commitments tomorrow…
Now the only question that remains is “What will we try & do for dinner?”


4 thoughts on “No sudden movements

  1. Great photos Tim! I could only see them all once I went to comments – probably a problem at my end. I wish I could have been there for lunch.

  2. Tim, that photo of Bethy is a masterpiece! I have had such a wonderful few days…. but serious dieting will have to begin now. The photos of the tapas are great – what about the prawn/scallop stuffed zucchini flowers? or chorizo sausage rolls? too busy eating probably! Great to see you and thanks for the post – I’ll be able to look back and remember it all…. lots of love, MUM

  3. Man you and your family know how to eat good food! After reading Amys blog and now yours I know why you are on “struggle street”
    But hey look back at the pictures and remember the joy!
    Love those food pictures.

  4. lol – yeah the blog has kind of dropped in my priorities list… I do try and stick a few things on facebook, but I will try and put up a summer summary blog sometime soon.
    Hope the Coast is treating you smashingly,

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