Welcome to Wyoming

It can be difficult moving to a new church, particularly when that new church is in a new city & this new city is where you will be practising your new job!
How do you really become part of the family? How do you make connections with people? How do you know if they have connected with you?
I’d posit that you know you are part of a church when, on your doorstep, on a Saturday afternoon, arrives
a) A Banana in Pajamas/Housewife/Santa
b)Strawberry Shortcake/Ballerina/Swimmer
c) A Kangaroo (that looks like a bear)
d) A pretty princess with goggles.
e) One slightly embaressed father.
So there I was, feverishly working away on my sermon. I had to ask Shona a question, so I ran into the bedroom, but before I managed to ask a thing, I saw a flash of colour outside & three giggling youth running to hide.
“I think we need to get dressed out of our PJs” says I.
“Why” says she to me.
“Let’s just say that I think we could get visitors today.” Tim replies.
I walked downstairs, heard a knock, then walked outside to see what the story is. “G”, the father, is standing on the road & encouraging me to look around the corner.
Around said corner was the aforementioned youth. Should I mention that the aforementioned youth were also arme with a spray bottle filled with pineapple juice?
[Note to self: Never tell kids at your church that you hate, vehemently, pineapple…]
On the bright side, we got given some lovely berry muffins as an apology for the ambush.
So there you go. Now you know how to be part of a community. Just make sure you have a decent face towel to get all that pineapple juice off!
Enjoy some pictures of the day!
Cheeky monkeys
This is the motley crew. They look like the ambushing type, dont they!
Princess & the bear.
Who could be mad & cute little munchkins like this?
B1 & the Shortcake
B1-Claus & (musclebound) Ballet-Shortcake


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