Soon and Very soon

OK, so here I am again, apologising for my slackness. In my defense, we have no internet access at home, and since I am not at college, or Dural anymore, I really don’t have access anywhere. At the moment, I am hiding out in a room at college, using the internet before my student number is removed from the system.
The good news is that Shona & I move up to the Central Coast on the 15th, and we should be getting the internet at home! Back to posting, back to putting up some pictures & back to the good life! I can’t wait.
In the mean time, it will be all quiet on the western front again, while I get some serious packing done.


4 thoughts on “Soon and Very soon

  1. What! You’re moving up the coast??!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!! So when are we going on that night shoot in the city then?????!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually very happy for you! =)
    Keep in touch!

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