Props to Poochy

He was a mild mannered engineer. Polite fellow, well kept room, eager smile. It wasn’t his fault that he had to spend half a year in the dorm room opposite mine.
I decided he was too “nice”, so I decided to give him a much more masculine, fear inspiring name. Poochy would do just nicely!
Reborn into a new level of danger, the pooch became an automatic chick magnet, succeeding, just before his return to Tasmania, in winning the attention of one Jackie (Jacqui? K works much better for me!) Brown. The fact that she shares a name with a Tarantino movie meant that she had automatic credibility with yours truly.
So it’s two years later & the Pooch now officially has a Mrs Pooch! The Jury is still out re: whether she inherits the name “Mrs Pooch” or maintains “Jackie Brown”. It’s line-ball at the moment…
Anyway, in other news, I just had my last ever lecture for my Bth. I also handed in my last assignment & now I stand 2 exams (5 essays) away from graduation. What a crazy world!
She made the dress herself
Jackie made the dress herself! It was pretty darn cool!
Awesome cake
What an awesome cake!


4 thoughts on “Props to Poochy

  1. Well, the ‘small christian world’ syndrome has struck again! So lovely to see wedding pix of Jackie! We hung out together at a wedding (of Adam&Liz Burke) a few years ago (and at a few other do’s after). Congrats! And lovely pix šŸ™‚

  2. I can’t believe it took me this long to get back to this comment. Yeah, It looks like I am going to the Central coast! Wyoming Parish. Should be VERY interesting, and a lot of fun (not to mention lots of hard work too, I am sure…)

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