Sam & Lisa

It was a busy weekend.
Sam & Lisa’s wedding on Saturday was a real blast. I really enjoyed taking the pictures & it was nice being told to try & be as arty as possible. Below is one of my faves.
Sunday morning it was preaching at 7:45am, then again at 10am, then a confirmation class to lead at 11:30, followed by afternoon tea (a delightful rest) at the Myer’s house, then the confirmation service itself at 6pm, where I got to do a reading and an interview.
Lets just say that I was happy to get home that evening…
Reach out
It’s not often you get to do a photoshoot in “Goulds Second-hand Bookstore”.


3 thoughts on “Sam & Lisa

  1. That’s a fantastic photo! If I ever get married, I know who I’ll be calling on to be the photographer…
    (Love the dress, too!)

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