Back to reality.

So we are back and we are safe.
The flights were just fine. 7pm flight from Paris, 11pm flight from London, midnight flight from Hong Kong, then 6:20 arrival in Sydney. Let’s just say that I was a little worse for wear most of yesterday. By 4:30 we just couldn’t function, so Shona & I went to bed.
This, of course, means that I woke up at got out of bed at 2:30 this morning!!!
So, from 6ish I have been here at college, catching up on emails & trying to return my world to some semblance of order. We’re getting there.
You better believe there will be more photos, but for a taster, here are a couple from our time OS.
A Stirling idea
This is a shot from Stirling Castle. You can’t see, but just past that tree & castle is a 100 meter drop down a cliff. It’s a pretty awesome spot!
Not thinking much
Nobody knows what Rodin’s “The Thinker” was thinking about. I was thinking “How good is it to be in 30 centigrade days, when it appears to be frigid in Sydney!” That said, I am loving the cold now that I am back.
Eiffel Tower by night
The Eiffel tower. Shona & I decided to walk up the tower, rather than catching the lift. It meant a shorter wait in line, plus it delivers a nice view. Of course, it also helped burn off some of the obscene amount of French pastry we’ve been eating. ‘They’ are right, the French really do know how to make good pastry!
This is the view from the second story of the Eiffel. Well, the view from one direction. Man, you can see EVERYWHERE from there!
So there you go. More to come… but not ultra-regularly, because now I am dependant on the internet when I am at college…


6 thoughts on “Back to reality.

  1. Hey Tim & Shona,
    Glad to hear you made it back safely and had an awesome time in Paris. We, too, had no joy getting out of Edinburgh – 2 hours late!
    It was wonderful to see you both, to share a meal, a pint, and some culture!
    We pray college starts well and isn’t too much to catch up on.
    Looking forward to more pics on the blog. Love heaps,

  2. HEY GOLDY!!!!!!!!!! Awesome photos!
    Hey … my last week in Aus was crazy … so got your wedding invite, but no chance to respond … yes I am the most irresponsible person ever! But totally excited about the wedding … look at you the married man … and i remember those first few weeks, and meeting Shona at Steve and Rachel’s engagement party … ahh – that must seem along time ago to you! Have a new blog, planetnerida.blogspot and a facebook – so get in touch!
    Say hi to Shona for me! And look forward to more wedding photos and honeymoon, and married life photos!!

  3. Hey Tim and Shona,
    Welcome home, shots look terrific and look forward to a slide show when you’ve had some time to settle back into married life.
    Love Dad

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