That crazy bunny

The Bunny?
Is this the Bunny or the Bethy?
More things to write about & less time to do it. This is why I want to change this site as soon as I have a spare moment & turn it into a photosite!
Easter was great. A couple of church services & then off to the Hunter with Shona. The whole family was there! Phil, Kristin & Charlotte. Amy, Andrew, Joss, Tobes & Bethy! I am not sure, but I think the parents may have been more excited about all the chocolate than the kids!!!
Well, another pic or two for you, & I’m off to bed.
Carrying the goods.
Charlotte had a vice-like grip on her little bucket of eggs!
The Fam
It was awesome to have the whole family together!


3 thoughts on “That crazy bunny

  1. .. the kids have grown up soooooooo much… it’s amazing how kids grow up so quickly smile
    PS loved the photos from M&E’s wedding… I saw the DVD tonight

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