Best of the Best

Here’s a little montage of the “best of the best” photos I’ve taken over the last little while.
Christmas for Timbos.
24th: Get up earlyish, put my gear together, visit Matty & Lisa (and my lovely Godsons Tom & Will), drive to Church, do sermon prep all day, Preach @ 7pm service (we have a 5,7 & 10:30), hang with JT in the evening, go to 10:30 then head home & crash.
25th: 9:30am service, do a kids talk (should be a hoot! I got to help sew in my prep for this one!), drive home & pack the car, drive to the Craig’s house for Christmas with Shona & Co., then drive up to the Hunter Valley for Christmas dinner with my family.
Busy days, but good times. I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning & also to camp which happens straight afterward.
We’ll see how many blogs happen over the next week. No promises…


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