Not Ideal…

Ok, there is so much to catch up on. I don’t know why I haven’t been blogging. I just haven’t…
Exams have been finished. The subject I was most worried about I have passed, so everything else should be just fine! In the week following exams, we have had end-of-year dinner (which I missed because I feel strongly about being at Youth Group on friday nights) and the Grad Service (after which people all go to the pub & hang, but I missed out because I had church on & then I was too trashed after a long day).
I started a new job last Wednesday working for Anglicare, driving a van for the “Toys & Tucker” appeal. It is good fun, I get to see a lot of Sydney, I got to listen to the first Ashes Test on the radio while driving (Non-Australian/English would not understand the true importance of this iconing sporting event… Summer has truly arrived when the cricket is on ABC radio!), and I get some free exercise moving literally tonnes of canned food & toys each day!
Today, however, was not ideal! It started by getting a fine for having my car parked facing wrong direction. I am usually a stickler for this, but I was scared of having to reverse park the 1 tonne van I’m driving, so I parked it outside Shona’s parents place for the night. Of course, we aren’t even talking about some piddly little fine. $128 for a dodgy direction! Crikey!
OK, round two is just that my back is starting to hurt a little because of all the lifting that I have been doing. I try to follow good lifting practice, but when the van you are around it not tall enough to stand straight in, you really can’t lift properly all the time.
Part three, the big kahuna is that my computer crashes every time I boot it up. I had a minor panic, but then my little bro (whose house I am staying at) showed me how to get it to boot up on “safe mode”. It booted up then, so that gives me hope, since it doesn’t seem to be a fatal error. Hopefully I can save the beastie. Thankfully, I have lots of stuff backed up.
So there you go… I have been slack in writing recently, but fear not, I have a couple of ideas stocked up for posts, so look forward to such articles as “the toilet & a good book: a modern love affair”.
(P.S. This post is dedicated to Bec. I hope it provides a couple of minutes of procrastination for you!)


5 thoughts on “Not Ideal…

  1. I can’t believe you’re admitting to using poor manual handling skills when you’re engaged to a physio – what is the world coming to! At least you can probably get some free treatment for your back from her.

  2. This Bec? (I’ll take it, anyway 🙂 ) – Thanks! Sorry to hear about your back and the fine – things can only get better, hey? Hopefully having my stitches out early next week….

  3. I seriously nearly offered look at your back for you – and then remembered you’re engaged to a physio!! I really am going crazy.
    Hope it’s going ok.

  4. Hey Tim! I just sent an email, but wasn’t sure of the address. Then i remembered you had a blog – a very good idea! just wondering how are – you seem happy as always! i haven’t left a comment before – so am i approved by the site owner? anyway – check your email for more from me!!! love sam

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