You know it is that time of year when I post the picture of those books that I am staring at for the next couple of weeks. This semester, the sense of joy at my desk has been brought by Shona’s pen set (the bright fellas on the right) which is bringing a rainbow of cheer to all of my notes!
I have to say that I’m feeling a sense of calm about things. I am getting a fair bit of study done, so I feel like I am feeling OK about that, though, as is the case with most theological study, the more you know, the more you realise you are just scratching the surface…
While, again, the exams happen over my birthday (17th of November…. don’t say I don’t give you fair warning!), I don’t have any on my birthday itself, so I should be able to chill out a little on that day.
Everyone is looking out for everyone at this time of year too. I have a bit of a flu, so people have lent me all kinds of remedies. The core of “Upper Wallace” guys (my dorm) have been going for the occasional “late night white” to finish the days off. Last night included my first foray into Apple Brandy! And the vibe, which at the worst of times is encouraging, is really good at this time of year. Bless that college vibe!
Today it is Yum Cha for lunch (a farewell to our Student Reps), so again, who can complain?
Of course, the blog is always the first thing to really suffer in exam time. It is a welcome relief, but also, it’s easy to ignore. Right now, it’s keeping me from Goldingay’s Isaiah commentary…. I best not keep him waiting.


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