Everybody is somebody's wierdo!

So this evening I had to drive out to Carlingford for a camp meeting. Jimbo, who is speaking on the senior section of this camp (“The Real Thing” camp down at Port Hacking. Should be a cracker! Tim has the official title of “Resource”) came along in my car too.
Conversations with Jimbo are always interesting. We set “challenge words” that we had to work into conversation during the meeting (He had to say “dragons”, I had to say “Saucepan”) we talked about our girlfriends, we talked about theology, and then on the way back to college we talked about what it’s like to live with so many different types of people here at college. It was at this time that mobbsy dropped the profound statement…
“Everybody is somebody’s wierdo!”
It’s true isn’t it. For all the of the strange characters that we encounter in our worlds, we are playing the role of “weirdo” for someone else in the play that is their life!
It’s a glorious thing! As one could expect, there is a certain level of uniformity when it comes to people’s characters in Bible College. That said, it is stunning to see the kind of diversity that is on display in this crazy town. There isn’t a guy I live with who doesn’t have some kind of strange habit.
I certainly can’t claim to be devoid of quirks in my personality that would make me the weird one. So, since I am stalling doing some study, maybe I will play “confessional” and see if I can come up with some of the things that make me someone else’s weirdo…
1: I bring my own pepper grinder to meals. Not just a cheap plastic model, but a proper, classy grinder with three different settings. Other’s like their own plunger coffee, I like to know that my meal is going to be seasoned as it should.
2: I also have in my possession, but have not been required to use, a store of salt that I brought back from Poland. A time and a reason, for every season!
3: I have a fear of conversation with people I know vaguely, but not well. I can deal with talking to strangers, but idle chit chat with people I sort of know, but don’t feel like I know well, well that is a no go for Goldy. Morning tea us usually avoided for this reason.
4: I count stairs. I don’t do it all the time, but I do do it most of the time. I know the number of stairs between any two places in college. I can still remember the number of stairs around my old work at Vision Valley camp site.
5: I have orders that I eat almost all of my foods in. An order for roasts (Green vegetables, other coloured vegetables, potato, then meat), I have orders for M&M’s (Brown, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange), and I even have orders for fast food! (Eat all the fries first before you are allowed to have a drink, then you eat your burger and drink, usually in tandem, so that you have the middle part of the burger left till last & enough drink to have a couple of decent gulps!).
6: I have to keep my inbox as empty as possible. The idea of having more than 5-10 emails in my inbox is disturbing, and if I can keep it down to 1 or 2, then I will. I am the same with anything. I have to subcategorise & refolder things on my computer, so that you can end up going through about 10 folders to finally get to stuff. (But I can ALWAYS find my stuff!).
OK, so there are some of my peccadillos. Anyone else willing to share one of theirs?


10 thoughts on “Everybody is somebody's wierdo!

  1. oh, i have a plethora godly.
    -can only have even numbers on volume on my stereo in my car.
    -has to be an even number of rings before i pick up the phone.
    -when i drive, i blink everytime when i think my front wheels are between the white lines, every single time.
    -the list goes on, but just so you dont feel bad tim, im also a stair counter 🙂

  2. I will come clean, I don’t like it when different foods touch each other on my plate. I DREAM about owning one of those metal plates that have all the dividers that they use in the armed forces and in prisons. Then all my foods can stay in their own little divisions.
    And sometimes I categorise things in my room in my sleep and have no recollection of it. Like once I woke up in the morning and all my earrings were out of my jewellery box and in little piles on the carpet.

  3. Wow, that’s amazing, I didn’t know that there were so many obsessive compulsive people at college!
    Having said that, I used to always and still sometimes do count stairs!
    Well, thanks for helping me to procrastinate writing my essay!

  4. Ah Cottontail, the mild autism or obsessive compulsiveness is in you too! I find all this intriguing. Counting stairs and eating food in a particular order! Mine is projecting lines off straight edges and verticies of different things/furniture in the room. I don’t like to be intersected by one of these projected lines.
    Say hi to Jimbo!

  5. wow, this really is a confessional for the obsessive compulsive in all of us…..trying to think of some….I certainly can’t leave a radio or TV station on during ads – I just have to know what else is on in case I’m missing a favourite song or something like that….have done the ‘not walking on cracks in the pavement’ and ‘counting stairs’ but I think I’ve had too many crazy-busy periods in the last few years and have lost the art…would love to know your stats on the Valley stairs – I’ve walked them a few times myself (even piggybacked kids up them several times). Thanks for sharing everyone.

  6. You forgot to mention your fear/hate of pineapple…that makes you my weirdo! Love ya & think of you each time I eat pineapple!!!

  7. I hope I don’t fall into the category of people you know and fear talking to, it might make our forthcomming luch conversation difficult!
    I too have one of your OCD symtoms, I eat the M&Ms in a different order(brown, orange, green followed by yellow, blue & red in order so there is always an even amount of each).

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