Another day…

It was photo day at college. You know, those painful ones when everyone gets up on a scaffolding wearing a suit (one of two days a year when we see each other in them). Next, everyone tries to suppress the look of fear (coming from being 4 meters up on a big chunk of aluminium that shakes like nothing else, and threatens to topple at any time) long enough to smile wanly at the camera & then clamber down as quickly as possible.
It’s a funny afternoon, seeing so many of the guys itching and fidgeting in ties before realising that the ladies love a man in a suit. It’s also a good chance to get some happy snaps.
Here’s just one or two.
Trying a self-take from a different angle, while I chat to Nai.
Actually I took this pic the morning after, but I like it & I wanted to break up the two portraits!
Sheldon's Rules
Sheldon continues to be a preferred subject because he gives so much expression to everything he does. Here a Chuppa Chup stick comes as close to being a cigarette as is ever likely to be seen at SMBC…


One thought on “Another day…

  1. TimGoldsmith, I just want you to know that you’re a complete inspiration! I have purchased my own tripod (so now when I come to visit I won’t have to borrow your’s) and tonight I had a Smithwicks (but I have to confess, Dave’s Kilkenny was still better). Thank you for showing me what life is all about!

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