Love that city

Magic City
(If you have a flickr account you should be able to view a much larger (and better) size if you click on the pic)
I always feel like I am cheating when I take a picture of Sydney Harbour. It’s hard to take a bad picture of this place. Nice water, amazing buildings, great light (usually) good weather… What’s not to love!
Of course, maybe I’m more of a cliche than a cheater, but that’s OK.
Over the last couple of weeks, I have been in there almost half a dozen times. Once for my city fun with N8 (not the order…. whinger!) Joel, Andy & Robbie. I’ve been in a couple of times & to a couple of different places with Shona. Two nights ago I was down having a chat with Allison & then last night I was in again, this time with Deb & Lyndell & the always enjoyable Davitch!
I’m trying to think of somewhere better to be able to hang out & just chat. If you managed to organise a bottle of wine, maybe a little cheese & a bit of chocolate (all of which are off limits at the moment. Damn!!) then you have pretty much the perfect venue.
So, if you want to hang out and chat some time, and you don’t mind my getting up every once in a while to fire off a couple of shots on the old Canon, then drop in to the North Shore of the harbour & I’ll be there!
B&W Bridge
P.S. I apologise for the inane writing I’ve had up over the last little while. The creative monkey escaped the cage & is currently at large in parts unknown!


5 thoughts on “Love that city

  1. Tim, I love that bottom shot! Definately liking the b+w nite shots!
    I am so with you on photographing our harbour….and thus am always in for a catch up in there…and will even join you in the jump up to take a pic mid conversation 😉
    just tell me when and ill come meet u buddy!

  2. I think you should make it your goal to take a “bad” picture of Sydney Harbour. For a Challenge

  3. so, I was wondering if you could also send a high res of that first one with the one of the forest…..
    -if you ever get da time, ya know– cuz i know right now i dont have much time to even get em printed! but we 4 sure jus CANT neglect to ever do it~~ perhaps in the next month–so i can take ’em with me to my new home and office!! 🙂
    glad ur having good times mr timmay

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