Night Sights

Curvy City
I’ve been hoping to spend a couple of nights working on my night photography. I forgot how much I love it!
Tonight was also a great chance to catch up with Joel, N8, Robbie & Andy. Good times!
I’m camping with youth group kids for the next couple of days, so I’ll be back just in time for the weekend.
L8er dudes


6 thoughts on “Night Sights

  1. Wow so great looking!
    remember when we’re going to go out shooting together… ? k, sweet. 🙂
    we can take some pics out at your uncles! (isnt that where ya said you can see all the stars?) of course we wont take pics of the stars..we’ll take pics of our gts! 😉
    hope camping is going fabulously!

  2. bugger! so ticked off that i missed it. just got your email when getting back from camp.
    we’ll have to set up somthing else. those shots are awesome – love the foxtails

  3. yeah.. the thing that i love about that photo is the green traffic light. it wouldve said something so much different if taht light were red…

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