I’ve written more in the last 48 hours than any man should have to. I can’t complain though, when it is my own fault at this, the busy end of the year. Still, I look forward to holidays whe life can gain a little more texture.
In the mean time, here is a little photographic texture.
I love all the colours & the little whisps…


3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Tim,
    I hope the pain of all that “writing” has been worth it, and that you’ve learnt a lot.
    Also, I like that beanie. Please pass that on to whoever owns it.

  2. Tim, I hope all the essays and study and exams are going/go well!
    When does that beautiful time of holidays commence for you? Will have to catch up and do something methinks!
    Anywy, all the best with the work!
    Remember to enjoy what you are learning, not just get the work done (although i know you do anyway, so hey..)
    YSIC, Chels

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