Ani Midas

You know, I have to say that I was about to write something, then I realised it was a total lie. I was going to say that every team that I have “gone for” this year has lost & that I seem to have the touch of death when it comes to following teams. Then I remembered that I came third in a tipping competition! Hey, I actually beat people & was in sight of the Gold medal!
So, I take it back, I had a podium finish, so that is nothing to sneeze at.
That said, it was sad to watch Danny Green go down in Australia’s most anticipated boxing match on Wednesday night.
So, my take on the Green Vs Mundine thing. It is a lot like the Hewitt Vs Rafter thing. When we are honest, we have to admit that Lleyton is a better tennis player, but just about everyone would rate Pat Rafter over him because he is actually a nice guy. You can picture going for a brewski or twoski with Pat after a match, while you are more likely to picture Lleyton swearing, spitting or giving you the finger.
Australian’s like nice guys!
Mundine won the match fair and square, he was the better boxer & you could certainly see that he was a fair bit faster than Danny Green. But that doesn’t change the fact that he just doesn’t seem to be a nice guy. Mocking, even during the fight, making faces at Greens wife in the crowd, giving people the finger after the match & just talking himself up the whole time. It wasn’t pretty.
So, I am hoping that my bad luck on Wednesday is tempered by a Waratah’s win this evening as they play the Hurricanes in Wellington for the Super 14’s Semi-final. I’d never say I begrudge having to go to youth group on a friday night. I love it & I love the kids, but it is tough when you miss a big match like this!
Oh, lest I forget. Props have to go to Mick Kelly, Trinette & Bec who all came down to watch the match on Wednesday night.


6 thoughts on “Ani Midas

  1. man i am so with you on the friday nights! I love my girls and being there….but why friday night when the important games are on?! why?!…

  2. I’d definitely like to have a beer with Pat Rafter, though I am not put off by Lleyton’s competitive edge. He’d be good to have a beer with too.
    I think Australians have a real problem with pride and arrogance…that’s why I didn’t want Mundine to win. Having said that, I didn’t want Green to win either. I was sort of hoping they would knock each other out simultaneously. Has this ever been done? In such a case, do they both win or do they both lose? Or is it a tie?
    There I go again, asking life’s big questions…

  3. Hey there-was going to do the Shebang thing of “long time reader, first time post-er” but I think I have left a comment on this blog before….not sure.
    Anyway Tim, I was with you re: the hopes for Friday night – was hoping for a better showing the week before so that I could go see the Tahs in the semi….not to be and then Friday night! Doh!
    Oh well, hopefully more luck with the soccer on Thursday night – U watching?

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