It is a great thing to be at a happy college.
People want to be here, people enjoy being here and people enjoy the other people who are also here.
International day was a great way of expressing a little bit of that joy, while also working in the appreciation of being part of a diverse & fascinating world!
We have students from all over the shop. China, Egypt, Austria… even Tasmania!
It’s great to see some people express their childhood reality through their dress, or maybe some food that they brought along. We also have lots of people wearing stuff that they had bought on mission trips, or things they have in preparatin for trips.
Anyway, I don’t really feel like writing too much about it. I just thought I would share one or two shots that captured a little bit of the vibe.
Pity the poor fools who are to our right, Kerridges left, as he does a little impromptu dancing, while Bainy was playing the bagpipes.
Fantastic Phil
Phil “The Guru” Singline shows off the master of all moustakas!
OK, so Owen wasn’t dressed internationally, but you have to love a look like this on a lecturer!
Post Script: I have updated my links finally, so there are some new fellas down the bottom!


4 thoughts on “Joy

  1. I’m back online… theology done.. and now I can play.. so whens out next catch up time?? great photos from ID… glad u got the job this year.. love looking at ur photos…

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