Day 1

6am wake up, do a little study, put on my game face. 8am drive, pick up Naomi, Lisa and Fiona, drive to ‘the Shire’, find Inaburra Christian School. 9:30 am, run a ‘Kids Church’ session. Midday lunch. 1pm-5pm… pretty much just faff around & get myself ready for he night service.
6:30pm is night service, 7:20PM I stand up to preach. 7:37 I am done.8-something I have finished being social, 9 something I have dropped the girls off, picked up Subway & I am back at college. 10pm I am cursing the dryer that has busted, meaning I have very limited clothing options tomorrow morning. 11:02… time to send a web page updatte. Not so interesting, but to be expected after busy enough day one for mission…
Alyssa as promised
This is Alyssa from Iron and Clay. Weird, cause I met this band in a previous incarnation in my old Vision Valley days.


One thought on “Day 1

  1. oh my gosh it’s me!
    Tim i didnt actually think u would post it!!
    cant believe u did! lol…u are now in my circle of trust!
    loving all the pics!!
    xx Alyssa

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