They did what?

It has been a big week.
It has been a weird week.
I fear it is going to be a long post! Strap yourself in if you are up for the ride (since I am writing it at 3:40 in the AM, it could be a bumpy ride!)
Monday. Greek Exam.
An experience somewhat like having teeth removed without the pleasant effects of any anaesthetic. Still it is over & I am free from that & that is a good thing.
I surprised many (including myself) by staying in after having finished my exams. I didn’t feel like heading down to the pub. I have been there several times since though, as I shall outline.
A visit to the Royal North Shore (RNS) Hospital.
Dinner had been eaten. Dave (commonly known as “poochy”) threw something at Rachael. She splashed him with water, so he picked her up & started to carry her to the fountain.
Rach, a spirited lass, swung out with a leg, manageding to connect a glancing blow to Dave’s head. Not enough to really hurt him or anything, but enough to shock him, causing him to drop Rach & for Rach to land on her head!
One cracking sound, two anxious nurses (one of whom is her boyfriend) and three minutes later & I am heading off to the hospital with Rach, Steve (the boyfriend & my good mate) and Rochelle (another Nurse & friend & college).
Of course, there are hospitals that are closer, but the RNS happens to be close to my favourite pub, the “Great Northern” and Steve & I were hoping that we would be out fast enough to score a drink or two aftewards! That was not the case…. 6 or more hours it took! Luckily, Steve brough my Narnia Series books with him (He & Rach had been reading them) so I got to read about 50 pages aloud to the other three (The Magicians Nephew) and we got to goof around a little in the hopital.
#3 The Tour of our dorm by the girls.
Next year, the girls are going to end up in the dorm that we are currently in & we get theirs. It was decided that they should get a tour of “RHG” on the thursday morning. We of course, wanted to make sure that it was a good thing for them. We cleaned up a fair bit & made the place look nice.
We also got a picture of one of the girls, photocopied it 130 times & stuck in on every available bit of wall space in a guys room!
It looked pretty freaky. I also printed out a “LIz’s Favourites” list, that went through things that she liked & we highlighted a week-planner with all of her classes listed on it. The effect was a room that looked like a shrine. The plan was that as the girls would come down the hall, all the rooms would be locked but this one. The tour guide (my mate Cam) would lead them past the room, but not stop there, choosing instead to head down to a room further down the hall. All it took was for one girl to look in and the job would be done.
The chicks saw it. The chicks freaked, the chicks laghed. It was good times…
Liz, however, was a little freaked by it. We picked her, cause she is very well adjusted. We were thankful that we didn’t try it on someone less so….

#4 The Party
So I am Thirty. I had a little gathering to celebrate the fact!
The day before? Pouring rain.
The morning of? Bucketing rain.
Twenty minutes before the party started? The sun rears its head!
The duration on the party? Sunny and happy!
A couple of hours after the party? The rain sets back in.
God was gracious in regard to the weather, though my friend Caz who was having her thirtieth that night might not have felt so….
It was a great day & a good opportunity to see a lot of friends, even if I didn’t get to catch up with any of them well enough. I also got to hang out with the Nieces and Nephews which is ALWYAYS a valuable things!
(Would you believe that I didn’t take a single picture the whole day!!!!)
#5 So here we are.
I’ve just about moved out of my room at college. I will finish the job tomorrow morning. Then it is off to the Hunter Valley for a couple of days, before back for Youth Group, hanging out for the weekend, CHurch, then off to New Zealand on Monday!!!
Good times!
Still here? I applaud your patience!


6 thoughts on “They did what?

  1. Wow! That was a pretty full on week! But sounds good! haha the room looks great! Yes that would freak me out a little too, but it is a good prank indeed!
    I am a little shocked that you didnt take any photos as your bday – but i supose thats the job of others not the main attraction!

  2. It’s not normal to have pictures of someone plastered all over your wall? Huh. Guess I should dismantle my shrine to you then…

  3. I’d like to say that only Cotton Tail (Tim) gets to call me “Poochy”. I felt dreadful about dropping Rach on her head. She’s forgiven me tho which is great. I hope there are no lingering aches or pains. I now have the dubious honour of joining the exclusive club of students who have managed to send another student to hospital (along with Gary, Jody and ??? anyone else?).

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