Too much to do

Caroline & I
Caroline & I enjoying the Sydney view
It has been a good weekend all in all. A fair bit of study done, and a couple of good opportunities to catch up with people. As you can see above, I got to catch up with my friend Caroline, a Swedish girl I know from Scotland. Not to be confused with the only other person who has visited me from Scotland… Caroline the Swedish girl….
So I know two Swedish Carolines & they have both been in Sydney in the last couple of months. It was great to catch up with this one. To maintain some kind of symmetry, I did some similar stuff with this Caroline as I did with the other. Off to the “Australian Hotel” for some great Aussie beer, then off to Ball’s head (after walking over the Harbour Bridge) to enjoy a great Aussie view. We certainly had the weather for it too!
Straight after that, I was off to Blue’s Point for a farewell picnic for Darren & Simone, one of our ministers & his wife (not forgetting their 2 kids) who are heading off to another church. It was a great time to spend hanging out with a bunch of families & their kids. I really have an awesome church with lots of great people in it. I will have to post some of the pictures that Grace (all of 16) took when I let her play with my camera for a while. The young shoulnd’t be so talented.
So, this is not a particularly inspiring update. I guess I am trying to save all my real creativity for the 4 exams I have this week & the one next week. Wish me luck!
In the mean time, check out this great bug that sat with my while I studied yesterday. Click on this or any other photo to follow a link to my flickr photo site where you can see more pics of the bug & more pics in general.


5 thoughts on “Too much to do

  1. Timbos! I love your pics! Haven’t stopped by in a while so I thought I’d come check up on ya.
    I’ll catcha lat- WHOA! … Happy Birthday!! πŸ™‚ Ma’salaama!

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