The Blur

There are still three days till my holidays start, but I feel like they have flashed by me already! Camp next week. Should be a a good growth experience, but dang, it has made me busy! Were I to have my time again, I think I might have said that I couldn’t do it.
If you squeeze coal hard enough, it becomes a diamond. If you squeeze a toad hard enough, you just make it’s innards turn into “outards”. Ask me in a week and a half if I’ve had a diamond or a toad experience!
As the following picture shows, I am not the only one feeling a little stressed! (Actually, I think Pete is pretty chilled. This was just the gift I got for asking a Primary School teacher to pose for a photo….)
All that Parsing will turn you cross-eyed…
The in-tray. Oh, that it were empty of work & full of social engagements!


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