Slacking off

I’m busy, but not that busy. I just haven’t written. Maybe the blog and I have reached that comfortable friendship where we don’t need to know where each other is every minute of the day? Maybe we are free to live our own lives & just catch up when it’s convenient.
Is that fair? Is it good enough? I don’t think so.
Do I think that is a jealous lover? No, but I know that readers are (understandably) fickle, so I really should make more effort to make it daily contact.
Ok, let’s shake hands and make up. Let’s not fight again.
In other news…
The wheels are spinning. Things are happening. It’s all on! This weekend sees me up in the Hunter Valley with the rest of the groomsmen from N8 & Amy’s wedding party. It’s about fellowship, bonding & camaraderie, it involves wine, pool tables, open fires, rugby matches and lots of laughts. Hopefully it also includes some pictures. Guys drinking beers, fun being had, and possibly some star-scapes (weather permitting).
To counter the testosterone injection that this blog will have over the next week, a picture with a little more estrogen in it. Who says doesn’t have a soft side.
Workin the mojo
Rachel and Nerida being gooses @ college. Rachel claims that there has never been a nice picture taken of her. Well, despite her closed eyes, I like it!


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