Estonia meets Scotland
East meets West (Well Estonia meets Scotland) Me, Jody and Kerridge.
So far this has been a fun week!
Sunday I got to preach. I learned a valuable lesson. I felt like I had prepared well, I was happy with my content & everything, and the morning sermon seemed to go well. 6pm however, was pretty average. I stayed up and watched the Rugby on Saturday night & I think the 5 hours of sleep affected my delivery. That said, it went down OK anyway, and it is always good to get a little more practice in. A good spur to do better next time too!
Tuesday was “International Day” at college. Everyone gets dressed up in either their national dress, or the dress of some country they can think of. It is awesome because you get people just wearing wayout stuff, but you also geet some authentic stuff from people who have lived, or were born in other countries. From Saudi stuff to Korean dresses, to Papua New Guinean gear, it was all on show
Well, I am too busy to write properly about it, so I will let a couple of pictures tell the story. Click on a picture to go to my flickr page where you can see more images!
Juggling Fish?
Steph showing everybody how to juggle fish!
Cameron. A perfect example of inauthentic (but very funny) attire!


One thought on “Truth

  1. Okay so I have a photo of you in a skirt, my next mission is to find the “model” shots of you. Hmmm where to find them?

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