Still Thinking? Try this on for size!

You could be my Aunt - Take 3!
It has to be tempting by now no? Yeah, I know they are three little cuties. Tomorrow I seal the deal with a potential nephew!


6 thoughts on “Still Thinking? Try this on for size!

  1. do your siblings know that you are using their children as objects to attract women? just wondering…

  2. Hey Chrissy,
    Never fear, my sister is the one who commented on the first picture saying that they were great and that it cheered her up!
    I love the little ones no matter what, but if they add to the popularity with the ladies, then I have another reason to love them & that can’t be bad! (don’t test my logic…)
    Shanoonie. Since I am not offering to sell them, or marry them off (yet) I am confident that it is all legal!

  3. Oh come on Goldy Dawg, is that really fair using innocent children in this extreme marketing attempt? I guess it’s safe as you’ll only attract a certain type of “lady” crusing your webpage!

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! not you Tim, your niece (didn’t want to use her name and tell the world)… she is sooooo cute

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