Culinary delights, party nights…

I am enjoying myself at the moment. There are things to worry about, but there are certainly things to applaud!
Friendship that doesn’t know distance to start. Caroline is from Sweden, was my best friend in Scotland and is in Australia for another three weeks. For two days this week, however, she was up in the Hunter Valley with me, staying at my parents place.
Eggs Benedict. That’s another reason to be happy. C’s first time having my favourite breakfast, and my second time in two weeks! The eggs come from our own hens, the accompanying orange juice from our orchard. I’m petitioning for mum and dad to buy a couple of pigs so we can finish the combo! (if only you could take a slice or two off them at a time…)
The miracle of birth. Should we ever stop rejoicing at such an amazing gift. There is that part of me that marvels at the thought that I’m getting so old so quickly. Friends with families… But it is just a thin whisper next to the orchestra of joy that plays in my mind as I watch Cate and Dan near the birth of Eliot, their first. It is one thing to have such great friends, and another to know that soon they will have a mini version of them.
Cool nights, hanging out. That is also great. Lord of the Rings version of Trivial pursuit. I got spanked. My knowledge of LOTR is not what it once was. Afterwards Dan, Kirt and I headed out to take pictures of Sydney by night. St Thomas’, St. Leonard’s park, Harbour Bridge and a Maccas break at the “UFO” at midnight before heading home.
What excites me equally is that apart from a little anxiety at how much work I have to do, I’m also amazingly excited about going back to college in a couple of days. I can’t wait to move back in on Saturday. I’m looking forward to catching up with all my mates, and I am raring to get stuck into my new subjects too!
They are good days indeed!
Good times
Enjoying pool (and an odd Dram of Whisky for those inclined) in the Hunter Valley.
Two times Dan
Two times Dan.
Night Church
St. Thomas’ by night.
Click on any of the photos to go to my Flickr page & see more pics…


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