More friends I don't deserve.

Out with Stu again tonight.
I got to visit with him and his wife Susan last Sunday too. It is always awesome when you know two totally awesome people and they found each other and make an even awesomeer (it can be a word, but just for this post) couple!
Tonight was good times! It involved good beer at the “Belgian beer cafe” followed by a fruitless walk to a restaurant that is no longer open, followed in turn by a walk to a restaurant that is open and has awesome pizza! Once again, we went back for some more beer!
This whole night was accented with awesome chats. Always good to have a friend that keeps you accountable and also challenges you in your faith…. and also has the ability to talk about… just…. stuff.
Stu, you rock my world! I told you I would post straight away!
The Captain
Stu looking smooth.


2 thoughts on “More friends I don't deserve.

  1. Actually, I do…like…stuff!
    No.2, thanks for a great night & a most flattering post. If I wasn’t a married man…(better end that there, Susan’s watching).
    God bless, my friend,

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